Concert previews: Mouth of the Architect returns from its wilderness refreshed and empowered

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Mouth of the Architect will throttle you like any good metal band, but the longstanding Dayton combo’s approach involves more than just sheer force. Dawning, the group’s first album in five years, creepsslowly and forebodingly, not unlike a sentient ooze looking to submerge you Sometimes the molasses hits you, sometimes it’s the jar.

That said, Dawning is not a mere rehash of the post-metal territory this band and others have been mining since the breakthrough of Isis, the O.G.s (Original Glaciers) of that sound.Rather than non-stop slow-churn monolithic power, the album’s bombastic sections are tempered by nuance and grace.

Mouth of the Architect has returned from its time in the wilderness — or a half-decade of tumult and uncertainty in Dayton, same diff — refreshed and empowered, recognizable but clearly matured. Their return to Columbus this Saturday should be momentous.

Joining MOTA will be a murderer’s row of Ohio heavy hitters including Before the Eyewall, Beggars and War Elephant.

Ace of Cups

9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 31

2619 N. High St., Campus