Locals: Nes Wordz' new album provides rapper "rebirth" of music career

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1985. It's the year smack dab in the middle of determining whether one is of Generation X or Y. For Toledo-native-turned-Columbus-resident Sheron Colbert, the year 1985 means a lot more.

The four digits are tattooed across his chest and convey his birth year, but even more, they signify the restoration of his music career and provide a new outlook on life.

The rapper known as Nes Wordz has always identifieda strong per.

"Everyone knows that I rap," Colbert said. "Regardless of other things that you might know me for, it was the rap first."

Sustaining a feasible music career has been more difficult for Nes than thinking up wise bars and hooks. Colbert has faced many hardships, and it was only a few years ago that he found himself living on Columbus streets with no real home and the window closing on the prospect of a viable music career.

"There were a lot of things going on in my family life so I wasn't doing a lot of rapping at all," Colbert said. "I was living on the streets for a good year and a half of my life and I didn't have no place to go."

Getting back on track financially as of late, Colbert said his life is turning around. His next effort will mark the "rebirth" of his rap career and takes an appropriate title to celebrate the occasion. Nes Wordz' new album1985, comes out in September and is his most complete project to date.

"I put out a few mixtapes throughout the city circuit but nothing as major as what I'm putting together now," Colbert said. "I feel like everything I've done beforehand, minus The Suffocation (with Philly P) does not mean as much as what I'm doing right now."

Nes' gritty style accompanied by synthesized and soulful melodies perfectly reflect the years of hidden pain he's felt. His A.U.-produced song "All Up" details his past struggles and provides messages of encouragement to himself and others.

Twenty-seven years after his birth, Colbert is beginning to get back on track and looking at his next release as one that could provide him a fresh start.

"I named it that because it's kind of like a rebirth of who I am; I'm just now finding myself and just now finding out who I am, so I named this project to symbolize that I'm starting all over for myself."

Nes Wordz'1985

To be released in September

Twitter: @NesWordz