Concert preview: Angry Samoans to show what snotty punk brats sound like when they grow up

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Bands that formed in 1978 usually can’t tour anymore because they’re estranged or decrepit or dead. (Just ask one of the versions of Black Flag currently traipsing this festering orb.)

And yeah, the version of L.A. punk progenitors Angry Samoans that will play Bernie’s this Friday only features two original members, frontman “Metal” Mike Saunders and drummer Bill Vockeroth. But that’s better than nothing, man!Especially since the Samoans don’t travel outside California much anymore.We’re living in a world where people pay money to see bands with zero original members play classic covers, after all.

And anyway, if Saunders andVockeroth’s new bandmates capture a fraction of the spasmodic miscreant glee thatBack From Samoa did in 1982 (sample song titles: “My Dad’s a Fatso,” “They Saved Hitler’s Cock,” “You Stupid Jerk”), Friday’s gig will be a blast. An opening set from The Girls! won’t hurt either.


9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 6

1896 N. High St., Campus