Concert preview: El Ten Eleven takes post-rock in fascinating directions

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Columbus Alive

Post-rock is a sticky descriptor. It’s hard to define, and it suggests the participants have moved on from plain old rock to some higher plane of musical consciousness, which is obviously untrue if you’ve spent any time watching horrendous Explosions In the Sky knockoffs at poorly attended all-ages bar shows.

El Ten Eleven’s pop-minded finger-tapping skews toward the genre’s glossy, digitized side, but it comes off more like an exciting Ratatat reboot than yet another band retracing the Album Leaf’s steps. And OK, yeah, there are parts that sound like Owl City, but with no nasal emoting to top off the mix, that ain’t the worst sound in the world.

The duo returns to The Basement this Thursday in support of Transitions Remixed, a set of new interpretations from last year’s Transitions LP. Eliot Lipp opens.

Mark Owens Photography photo

The Basement

Thursday, Sept. 5

391 Neil Ave., Arena District