Staff Pick: Mission of Burma still as noisy as ever more than three decades in

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Columbus Alive

It’s generally said people mellow with age. Clearly someone forgot to explain this to the four gents in Mission of Burma.

More than 30 years after releasing its debut, Vs., the Boston crew remains as pugnacious (and noisy) as ever, rumbling through assorted post-punk brawlers that hit like bare-knuckle jabs to the jaw. The band’s latest, Unsound, is downright cantankerous, piling on barbed guitars, barroom shout-along vocals and drums that mimic a full-scale carpet bombing.

Fitting then that drummer Peter Prescott sets his kit up behind a blast shield whenever the band performs live. True, the plexiglass barrier is actually there to protect singer/guitarist Roger Miller, who’s suffered from tinnitus since the early ’80s, but it also serves as a fitting visual for Burma’s still-explosive sound.

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