Concert preview: Pop. 1280 borrows name Jim Thompson novel, brutality from a wrecking crew

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The rugged Brooklyn rockers borrowed their band name from a Jim Thompson novel about a small town sheriff living a far more insidious existence than it initially seems on the surface. There’s no such confusion with the music on the band’s latest, Imps of Perversion, which sounds gnarled, rotted and unsettled from the cranky opening note.

Frontman Chris Bug doesn’t sing so much as he growls, snarls and barks, and his bandmates merrily follow suit, bashing through marauding tunes like “Population Control” with the brutal efficiency of a wrecking crew laying waste to a dilapidated home. Guinea Worms and Pink Reason open.

Ace of Cups

TK p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24

2619 N. High St., Campus