Concert preview: Harry Connick can still charm, even if his new album doesn't

Andy Downing, Columbus Alive

There are plenty of reasons to be jealous of Harry Connick Jr. He's rakishly handsome, endlessly charming (prepare to be won over by the newly crowned judge on this season of "American Idol") and undeniably successful, racking up more than 25 million in album sales while sustaining a viable second career as an actor. But while the pop-jazz crooner indeed cuts an interesting figure offstage, the music on his epically milquetoast new album Every Man Should Know exhibits virtually none of his colorful personality.

Lyrics like "You can see right through me/You always get right to me" come on like lines of dialogue lifted from a by-the-numbers movie romance, and Connick Jr. delivers them with about as much enthusiasm as an office drone waiting on the bus. "I'd do anything to be with her," he sings on "I Love Her," even though his weary tone suggests quite the opposite. Here's hoping he shows a bit more of a spark in concert.

Ohio Theatre

7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24

39 E. State St., Downtown