Bands to Watch alumni newsletter: This Is My Suitcase say farewell; Cadaver Dogs sue Radio Shack

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Columbus Alive

A couple of news items from two bands selected in our annual Bands to Watch issue today.

Alive file photo

This Is My Suitcase (Class of 2009) announced via Facebook post today that they'll soon be saying goodbye, which is bad news if you haven't listened to our repeated pleas to see the joyfully frenetic live show of Joe Camerlengo and Co. The good news is they will be releasing a third full-length album on November 29 and playing what is sure to be the most fun wake you've ever attended when they bow out with Sleep Fleet and The Dewdroppers on December 7 at 400 West Rich.

Photo by Meghan Ralston

Meanwhile, hard-touring trashrockers Cadaver Dogs (Class of 2013) have managed to add a bizarre line to their rock 'n' roll resume with "suing RadioShack." When a snippet of the band's "Drop Zone" was used in a national Radio Shack commercial, another artist reportedly received credit, and now a lawsuit is pending. Here's more from Ghettoblaster. And, while we hope they get properly compensated, it's pretty cool to see a Columbus band played along the acts in the commercial (which has been yanked from YouTube, presumably as related to the suit).

Also, you can meet our next batch of up-and-comers with our next Bands to Watch issue on January 23, 2014, followed by a show at Skully's on January 25.