Concert preview: Lou Barlow lets his guard down on Sebadoh's Defend Yourself

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Lou Barlow is no stranger to reunions. In 2007 the indie-rock musician rekindled his Dinosaur Jr. partnership with guitarist J. Mascis, resulting in a trio of surprisingly great records. More recently he and Jason Loewenstein reconvened for Defend Yourself, the first new Sebadoh full-length since The Sebadoh surfaced in 1999.

Unilke Dinosaur Jr., which kicks up a mighty squall behind the power of pugnacious guitar guru Mascis, Barlow tends to keep things more low-key and personal in Sebadoh, and his songs here touch on everything from life after divorce to learning how to age with grace. It’s interesting then Barlow chose to title the record Defend Yourself, considering the best moments here (opener “I Will”) find the musician completely dropping his guard.

Octa#grape and Cliffs open the show.

Photo by BryanZimmerman

The Basement

7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 14

391 Neil Ave., Arena District