Concert preview: Architects build a winner with Daybreaker

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The British prog-metal quartet kicks off its 2012 album Daybreaker with “The Bitter End,” a moody cut built on skittish electronics that mimic a supercomputer in reboot, but elsewhere it sounds like it’s just getting started. “Daybreak” thunders along on slicing riffs and frontman Sam Carter’s flesh-peeled-from-bone shriek, and “Devil’s Island” hits like a full-body seizure set to electric guitar.

The songs rarely linger in one place, spinning, slashing and darting forward like Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook knifing his way through flat-footed defenders on his way to the hoop, and the band will undoubtedly sound huge in Kobo’s relatively cozy confines.

Dead Set Ready opens the show.


7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 22

2590 N. High St., Campus