Staff Pick: Gemini Club gets the dance floor moving

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Chicago quartet Gemini Club might have titled its latest Here We Sit, but the music is engineered to inspire movement, borrowing liberally from the worlds of dance-rock, disco and electronica.

“Nothing But History” points to the future with its potent mix of programmed drums and glittering synthesizers, while “Sparkles” rides an electronic sound wave that comes on like a particularly rhythmic fax machine.

Unlike some electro-leaning acts, however, Gemini Club embraces the human element. Songs are mixed live rather than pre-programmed, ensuring the band’s concerts, like snowflakes, are never alike.

Twin Cities post-punkers Strange Names opens the show.

Photo courtesy of Gemini Club


9 p.m. Friday, Dec. 6

2590 N. High St., Campus