Concert preview: Devil's Lettuce offers an island breeze amidst cold December temperatures

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

While temperatures have hovered somewhere around freezing for much of the month, the local crew should provide some welcome thaw with its breezy, island-tinged reggae stylings. Yes, the band’s weed-derived name sounds like it could have been spawned while battling a serious case of the munchies, but songs like “Vice Grip,” which lopes along on a beat that falls somewhere between Bob Marley and Sublime at its most mellow, suggest the group takes its music seriously.

This concert doubles as a release party for the band’s long-in-the-works debut. Bummers, William the Accountant and Lethal FX also perform.

Photo courtesy of Creative Misfits LLC

Woodlands Tavern

9 p.m. Friday, Dec. 27

1200 W. 3rd Ave., Grandview