Concert preview: UK garage-rockers Jim Jones Revue set to scorch Woodland's Backyard

Andy Downing, Columbus Alive

The Savage Heart is an appropriate title for the latest from the UK-based garage-rock crew. The songs here are universally raw and primal, steeped in boozy blues, rock 'n' roll boogie-woogie and punk recklessness. Frontman/lead sermonizer Jim Jones can still sound absolutely unhinged, but this time around he directs his anger at some deserving targets, including big banks (would-be Occupy anthem "Where Da Money Go?") and those nefarious forces trying to keep the populace down ("Chain Gang"). Considering the band has built its reputation live, these new tunes should leave scorch marks on the venue's stage.

Plan to attend? Make sure to arrive early for local openers The Hexers, whose R&B-stoked garage-rock stylings pair as perfectly with Jim Jones' kinetic output as a bottle of red with a quality steak - or, more appropriately, a cold beer with spicy wings.

Woodland's Backyard

8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 10

668 Grandview Ave., Grandview