Concert preview: Action Bronson is officially hip-hop's most absurdly fun rapper

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On the second verse of Action Bronson’s “Alligator,” the highlight track off of last year’s Saaab Stories EP, the Flushing, Queens rapper spits a line about being stoned and naked on his balcony while playing a Sega Genesis game, and it’s not even the most ridiculous line on the song. (Hell, it’s probably only No. 2 in the verse itself, but I couldn’t print No. 1, which references poop, Care Bears and rainbows). In fact, the EP is so peppered with ridiculous boasts that XXL Magazine wrote a piece titled “The 15 Most Absurd Lyrics on Action Bronson’s Saaab Stories” and the Sega line didn’t even make the cut.

Two years into his career and it appears Bronsonlino has finally moved beyond the Ghostface Killah comparisons that plagued him early on by becoming rap’s favorite oddball. What follows are highlights from a 15-minute interview in mid-January, condensed to the most Action-y of Action quotes.

On what 2014 holds for ActionBronson

Who knows? It’s in the sky, it’s in the clouds, it’s in the stars right now — it’s all aligned. It’s supposed to be a big one. I’ve got the Blue Chips tour coming and my [major label] debut coming hopefully before summer time. The [Vice] cooking show’s all in the works too, we’re now filming shit.

On what to expect on the new album

It’s just me — more me and more thoughtful, introspective. Maaaad concept rap. Maaad fucking conscious, very conscious rap. Very, very conscious about things, about politics. [laughs] I’m obviously fucking with you.

On whatto expectThursday at A&R Bar

Honestly, Blue Chips 2 is very theatrical; that’s what I was going for. It’s very performance-based. When I performed it in New York, it was like a romantic opera, so just get ready to fall in love. When I come over there I’m going to come out with the Phantom of the Opera and half my face off and a cape.

On howeasy rapping is these days

We were going for the effortless vibe [on Blue Chips 2]. The shit is just coming easy for me at this point. When it [starts] slowing down, I’ll quit. Right now, the ball is a fucking beach ball, I’m about to smash it out the park. The hoop is a fucking hula hoop. I’m definitely in that groove.

On Action the rappervs. Action theperson

I’ve been saying this all day: This is art, this is music. Everything I say comes from experience — something that’s happened or comes from my mind. If I’m thinking about it, it means it’s a part of my life, which means I need to write it down. Everything I say is always a part of my life. The thing that is most me [in my songs] is everything. These are the types of things I think about all day long, and that’s why I put them in my raps.

On how rapping about food has led to free food on tours

Yea, I always, always have someone wanting to tell [me] where to go [in his or her city] and bringing shit to the show. It’s dope people care.

A&R Music Bar

7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 23

391 Neil Ave., Arena District