Locals: SupaNatra puts some of Columbus' best in the spotlight for "Man Of The Year 2K14"

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Columbus Alive

If you spend any time in the Columbus hip-hop scene you know there's talent, but often it's rare to see that talent live and together. ExecGang's SupaNatra is trying to change that, and on Tuesday you can see a lot of the hip-hop talent the city has to offer at Skully's Music-Diner.

"Man Of The Year 2K14" will showcase performances from eight hip-hop artists of different backgrounds and musical styles.

Unity is key for Tuesday's show. Columbus, like any major city, contains numerous cliques that, for the most part, respect each other but don't link up as often. SupaNatra wants to change that.

"We sat down, and knew we kept bumping into each other at different occasions, and I think all this is happening for a reason," he said when describing the show's formation. "I wanted to tip my hat off to these guys and say, 'Hey I've got my own thing going but if they were the ones to make it, I'd applaud them as well.'"

Ten dollars will get you into a show that promises not to disappoint. The roster consists of younger emcees like 20-year-old Alexander Dreamer and also a mix of veterans like Hodgie Street and Nes Wordz.

"These are the guys who I rock with that are just as dope," SupaNatra said. "I call it 'Man Of The Year' because any one of us with the projects we put out or currently have out, any one of us has the potential to be 'Man Of The Year' in Columbus hip-hop."

The show's full line-up includes the aforementioned artists as well as King Fresh, Trek Manifest, Reese, Fabrashay and SupaNatra.

"I know that cats be trying to feel each other out when we get in these places but I wanted to take it upon myself to say that I mess with all of them, and let's do something dope for the culture and hip-hop."

Skully's Music Diner

9 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4

1151 N. High St., Short North

Performing: Alexander Dreamer, Hodgie Street, King Fresh, SupaNatra, Trek Manifest, Reese, Fabrashay, Nes Wordz

$10 admission