Concert preview: Liz Longley brings a bit of warmth to winter with her pastoral music

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

On the title track of her 2012 EP, Inside This Song, Liz Longley sings about flying away in a voice as fragile as a bird’s bones. So it goes on the rest of the six-song effort, which balances the Downington, Pennsylvania native’s delicate delivery with a pretty, acoustic backdrop that conjures images of a spring garden in early bloom.

While the music itself tends to be warm and inviting, Longley actually has a knack for penning tunes about drifting apart (“Will I See You Again,” “Everything Is Gone,” etc.), a dichotomy that suggests its best to hold tight to those you love before circumstances force you on to different paths.

Shervin Lainez photo

Rumba Cafe

9 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 27

2507 Summit St., Campus