Concert preview: Purling Hiss cleans up, gains heft

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Philadelphian Mike Polizze initially launched Purling Hiss as a solo project in 2009, and while the band has grown in size in the ensuing years (it now performs a trio), its music has remained as scrappy as ever, driven by Polizze’s unabashed love for big, retro rock riffs.

Of course, some things have changed. Last year’s Water on Mars added a thin veneer of polish to the crew’s sound, and Polizze’s playing, like a dedicated weightlifter, has grown increasingly muscular over time, giving additional heft to even its earliest tunes. It’ll be interesting to see if the music continues in a similar vein — or reverts to something more primal — when the band’s new album, Dizzy Polizzy, surfaces on Drag City in late April.

Comfort Food, Hang Brain and Hundos open the show.

Tiffany Yoon photo

Café Bourbon Street

9 p.m. Sunday, March 30

2216 Summit St., Campus