Staff Pick: Our Mutual Friend opens up on Songbird

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Columbus Alive

Eva Hyder and Andrew Nielsen of indie-folk duo Our Mutual Friend bill themselves as “two kids from Galena making the world feel their feelings.” Appropriately, there’s a homespun earnestness to the band’s debut EP, Songbird, that reveals itself in everything from the recording process (the tracks were laid to tape at Hyder’s mother’s house) to the plea the pair posted online requesting donations for its successful Kickstarter campaign (“We’re not looking for fans, we’re looking for friends”).

Acoustic tunes like “All My Hearts” and “Whatever Comes Next,” in turn, come on like open-hearted conversations between longtime companions, Hyder and Nielson trading lines about stumbling (“Falling down on my two hands”) and then picking yourself back up and learning to soldier onward (“Today’s the last day for broken hearts”).

The duo will be joined by a host of musical friends for this weekend’s EP release show, which also features performances from Go Analog, Stonecraft, Royal Vasa and Damn the Witch Siren.

Casey Schumacher photo

Rumba Cafe

9 p.m. Saturday, March 29

2507 Summit St., North Campus