EDITOR'S PICKS: 14 things to do this weekend

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Columbus Alive

Summer arrived like a punch in the junk, huh? Might as well punch back with a kick-ass weekend full of booze, art crawls, soccer games and ferret fests. Yep, ferret fests.

As always, here's what I'd do this weekend if I could be everywhere all the time.


Indianola Art Crawl in Clintonville

The local art galleries and businesses on Indianola Avenue, south of the Studio 35, will host their 12th Art Crawl featuring street artists, sidewalk sales from neighboring businesses and the Art Gallery Show openings. Get your grub on with food from A Touch of Greece Food Cart and Clintonville Pizza (Yeah Me Too will have coffee). Maybe afterward, swing by Studio 35 and/or The Crest for some more adult beverages.

Happy hour at Ethyl & Tank

Take the best of 16-Bit and The Crest, add a legit coffee shop and put it on Campus, and you've got Ethyl & Tank.

Tap Takeover with Catawba Island and Actual Brewing at Strongwater Food and Spirits

As if you needed another reason to drink at Strongwater. I'm most pumped about finally seeing more Actual Brewing beers in the 'Bus, but this Port Clinton brewery ain't nothing to sneeze at either.

Howler at Rumba Cafe

Minneapolis scuzz rockers join two similar Columbus bands at Rumba for a night of slacker-dom.


Columbus Crew vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Crew Stadium

After beginning the new MLS season with its best ever start, the Crew's winless in six. Yikes. Saturday's home game hopefully turns that around, but, hey, if not, you can snag a free mini soccer ball if you're among the first 10,000 fans in the stadium.

Ferret Fun Fest at Delaware County Fairgrounds

Billed as "not your average ferret show," this fest could be the perfect way to imagine yourself as the Beast Master, like you did as a kid, without having to, you know, actually own one of those stinky creatures and stuff it in your messenger bag.

"Of Body" at Second Sight Studio

You're quickly running out of chances to see this most-excellently weird and captivating exhibit. Might as well go this weekend.

Moonlight Market at Gay Street

Downtown's Robert Mason returns with a special pop-up shop for this evening's Moonlight Market after an April fire closed down the office supply biz. If nothing else, turn up to support owner Robert Grimmett, who's as good a dude as they come.

Maifest at Zauber Brewing Co.

Y'all know about Oktoberfest. Meet its German cousin, Maifest, and usher in spring with some delicious local brews, live polka music and a may pole.

Fritz the Nite Owl hosts "The Lost Boys" at Studio 35

Vampires have never been this cool.

Columbus Adventure Expo at Columbus Commons

Presented by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, this expo features vendors and experts in backpacking, rock climbing, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, running, hiking, camping and more. Expect speakers and demonstrations of the latest equipment and techniques of favorite outdoor pursuits, in addition to live music, food, drinks and other concessions.

Ohioana Book Festival at Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center

Celebrate more than 100 Ohio authors, including a former "Beavis and Butthead" writer and one of my favorite illustrators, Matt Kish, who made a name for himself, in part, for his badass "Moby Dick" and "Heart of Darkness" drawings.


Trapped in a Room with a Zombie at Columbus Idea Foundry

Sure, it's Mother's Day, but if you're not able to visit mommy dearest on this fine Sunday, might as well scare the bejeebus outta yourself. Better this kind of fright than an existential one spurred by mom's endless stream of questions about what you're doing with your life and why aren't you married yet and where're my grandbabies and no, your dog doesn't count.

"Penny Dreadful" on Showtime

I'm intrigued by this "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" meets Lovecraft premise, but so much about this could go horribly awry, and not in a good way. Either way, I'll be tuning in to Showtime Sunday.