Concert preview: Moody synth-pop trio Chvrches not in the business of writing 'la-la-love-you pop songs.'

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Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry might look sweet, but she’s not afraid to let her claws show on the synth-pop trio’s full-length debut The Bones of What You Believe. “You better run from me,” she sings on “Gun,” a digitized track that conjures the feel of venturing inside a 1980s standup arcade game. “Because I am gonna come for you with all I have.”

“I think, for us, we never want anything to be too cute or too clean or anything like that,” Mayberry said by phone in a fall 2013 interview. “I think if you use the word ‘pop’ near any kind of music people kind of read into that however they will … [but] we’re not in the business of writing la-la-love-you pop songs.”

Rather, the crew spends its time promising to stick it to an ex (“I’ll be a thorn in your side for always,” Mayberry sings on “We Sink”) and lashing out at anyone who dare get in the way. “I’ll take this thing by the throat and walk away,” the frontwoman snarls on “By the Throat,” and there’s little reason to doubt she’ll keep her word.

The Range opens the show.

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LC Pavilion

7 p.m. Tuesday, June 10

405 Neil Ave., Arena District