Watch Lydia Loveless cover the hell out of an Echo and the Bunnymen classic

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Columbus Alive

In late April, Columbus' alt-country spitfire/darling/sweetheart Lydia Loveless and her band stopped by the Chicago offices of The A.V. Club to record a session for their Undercover series, where bands of note choose a song to cover from a pre-selected list. Loveless and band went against type and covered an Echo & the Bunnymen song. Not just any Echo & the Bunnymen song, but the definitive Echo & the Bunnymen song, "The Killing Moon." And they knocked it out of the park, as evidenced by the video released today.

And here's Lydia signing the wall at The A.V. Club - intentionally right beneath the late, great singer of GWAR, Oderus Ungerus.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Lamb/used with permission/don't steal this, internet dicks

Bonus video: Here's GWAR performing Billy Ocean's "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" from the same Undercover series.