The Humminbird embraces improvisational feel in concert

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Chicago freak-folkie Muyassar Kurdi, who functions as the musical center of the Humminbird, never alights in one spot for long, much like her namesake critter. Her hazy, psych-leaning stew incorporates everything from auto-harp and organ to electronic samples, and there’s an improvised feel engrained in the music that allows Kurdi to adjust directions on the fly depending on both her mood and the temperature of an audience on a given evening. No matter the direction the mystical musician moves, however, it’s never less than a pleasure to follow along.

Mike Shiftlet, Pete Fosco and Meltin’ John also perform.

Double Happiness

10 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 10

482 S. Front St., Brewery District