Editor's picks: 18 things to do this weekend

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Columbus Alive

Every year August rolls around, I get that panicked itch to start cramming in everything I might have put off in the first two months of summer. This weekend provides plenty of opportunities to fit in some of the stuff you, likewise, might have put off. Like CAPA's summer movie series at Ohio Theatre, Moonlight Market, a Year of Yay! bike ride, a movie in a park or the North Market's summer flea. As always, here's everything I'd do this weekend if I could be everywhere all the time.


"Waiting for Guffman" and "Best in Show" at Ohio Theatre

A double-feature of epically hilarious proportions. Bonus: "Best is Show" is my all-time favorite Christopher Guest movie.

"Cymbeline" at MadLab

Soda cocktails at Rambling House

A Summer Abroad: "Queen Margot" at Wexner Center for the Arts

Buggin Out #20 feature DJ by Pos2, performances by Metro, KeilyN, Ceezar and Free99 at Carabar

"The Wizard of Oz" at Topiary Park


Year of Yay! bike ride at Whole Foods Market Upper Arlington

Group bike rides are more fun than they have any right to be. If Pelotonia's just a little too much for you, check this one out.

"Murder Ballad" at Garden Theatre

Piercology 20th Anniversary Bash emceed by Dave Navarro at Skully's Music-Diner

Pelotonia 2014

Festival Latino at Genoa Park

Connector Series with Fuse Factory at Columbus Museum of Art

August Moonlight Market on Gay Street

Jumbo Chimps/Qiet at Brothers Drake Meadery


Beer Tasting: "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" at Gateway Film Center

True story: I have a friend who has Bill & Ted's red time-traveling phone booth tattooed on one leg and The Doctor's blue time-traveling phone booth on the other. You don't have to be as big a fan as that dude to enjoy this beer tasting/movie screening. Just transport yourself to the Gateway and, like, imbibe.

The Humminbird at Double Happiness

Summerfest at The LC Pavilion

Market Flea at North Market