Editor's picks: 21 things to do this Labor Day Weekend

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Columbus Alive

After this weekend, you're hereby banned from ever saying the local music scene is inaccessible, or you don't know where to even begin finding out about local music. (I get this a lot.) Because this weekend, it's all around you, often for free (or very cheap). From the inaugural FMMF to the Femmefest, a diverse and talented selection of our local music scene will be on stage at free outdoor shows, local dive bars, small music venues and more. And that's not even including all the after-party shows, featuring national acts at some of our city's best music venues. If music ain't your thing, no prob Bob. From film screenings to football, craft beer block parties to art exhibits, you shouldn't have to put much work into making this Labor Day weekend one of pure pleasure. As always, here's what I'd do if I could be everywhere all the time.


"Land Ho!" at the Drexel

My friends think I'm an insufferable Iceland champion, but damn if there isn't something magical about that place. An elf must have lodged tiny slivers of glaciers and volcano rock in my heart when I visited a few years ago. Point being? Watching this buddy-comedy about two older men who visit Iceland has suddenly become a top priority for me, just so I can revisit this surreal island country.

"2001: A Space Odyssey" at Wexner Center for the Arts

Influx at MINT

FMMF in the Arena District

Tweens at Double Happiness

"Tom Burckhardt's Full Stop" at Canzani Center Gallery

Femmefest at various venues

Screen on the Green: "Beetlejuice" at Goodale Park

Ramonesathon IV at Ace of Cups

Deschutes Brewery Block Party in Downtown Delaware


OSU vs. Navy

Even though I've followed OSU's pigskin exploits since I was a wee lad, I've yet to partake in many of the traditions centered on gameday. Like a Skull Session. Though Saturday's game is away, which means there won't be a Skull Session, that shouldn't stop you from trying out a few of these traditions yourself. Like singing "We Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan" at the top of your lungs, all day, because Michigan.

"2001: A Space Odyssey" at Wexner Center for the Arts

FMMF in the Arena District

"Ori Gersht: Still Life" at Columbus Museum of Art

Femmefest at various venues

Bike the Cbus around Columbus

Writers Block Hip-Hop Music & Art Event No. 7 at The Summit


Femmefest at various venues

Opportunities to catch some great local live music this weekend abound. I so happen to think Sunday has the best lineup, with Saintseneca, Damn the Witch Siren, Maza Blaska, Psychic Wheels, Counterfeit Madison and more all playing local venues.

Brew-lander: Flicks & Fashion at Studio 35

FMMF in the Arena District

Reigning Sound at Ace of Cups