Concert preview: Field Report brings comforting Marigolden to Rumba Cafe

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Columbus Alive

Chris Porterfield, the Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter behind Field Report (the quartet’s moniker is an anagram of his surname), launched his second go-round at a music career with what he termed “a bold and reckless” move at the time, leaving behind the stability of a full-time gig in Marquette’s Office of Student Affairs for an uncertain career as an indie musician.

The band’s music, in contrast, rarely treads such unsteady ground. Field Report’s sophomore album, Marigolden, is universally sure-footed and comforting, Porterfield and Co. crafting a melancholic backdrop of country- and folk-steeped indie-rock. Lyrically, the singer still struggles to find a balance at times, and the songs touch on everything from the anxieties of being away from home to the subtle ways time can leave its mark. “Waking up every day just a little bit changed,” he sings on “Home (Leave the Lights On).”

But unlike former DeYarmond Edison bandmate Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver fame), whose music is generally cut through with a deep, Wisconsin chill, Porterfield tends to walk a more optimistic path, and the best songs here allow a bit of sun to alight on the forest floor.

Photo courtesy of Field Report

Rumba Cafe

7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 5

2507 Summit St., Campus