Staff pick: Israel Nash adjusts to solitude on Rain Plans

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Columbus Alive

In 2011, Israel Nash left behind the hustle and bustle of New York City, settling among the rock-cropped vistas of Dripping Springs, Texas. His music underwent a similar shift, evolving from country- and rock-influenced songs about things falling to pieces (“Building bridges ain't the hardest part/ It's trying to swim when they fall apart,” he sang on one rowdy tune) to the comparatively comforting cuts populating his most recent album, Rain Plans.

Though the music itself sounds settled — touring bandmates Joey McClellan (guitar), Aaron McClellan (bass) Josh Fleischmann (drums) and Eric Swanson (pedal steel) lend the recording a warm, lived-in feel — the lyrics suggest Nash hasn't fully adapted to the newfound solitude. “I could use some company,” he sings plaintively on the weary “Who in Time,” as pedal steel and the lazy clip-clop of drums shuffle in to answer his call.

Sons of Bill headlines the show.

Photo courtesy of Israel Nash

The Basement

8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 10

391 Neil Ave., Arena District