Concert preview: Bear's Den readies for hibernation with well-mannered Islands

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Everything from the band’s name (Bear’s Den) to its sound (folksy, insular and occasionally banjo-strewn) evokes hibernation. So while the title of the London trio’s well-mannered debut, Islands, might suggest warmer climates, more often than not the songs come on like soft-edged ballads designed for huddling close through those brutal winter months.

True, singer Andrew Davie occasionally sounds as though he bruises a bit too easily — “Even though your words hurt the most/ I still want to hear them every day,” he sighs on one cut — but there’s enough beauty in songs like “Stubborn Beast” to overlook these squishier moments.

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith and Christof open the show.

Photo by Jenna Foxton

The Basement

7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 27

391 Neil Ave., Arena District