Preview: Tokyo Police Club brings stadium-sized anthems to club setting

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Forcefield, the latest from Tokyo Police Club, kicks off in grandiose fashion with “Argentina (Parts I, II, III),” an epic, eight-plus minute, multipart suite. While nothing else here quite matches this welcome blast of hubris — the windmill-guitar-driven “Tunnel Vision” and the sleek, shuffling “Toy Guns” come closest — the Canadian pop-rock quartet (which is neither from Tokyo or affiliated with law enforcement, discuss) flashes stadium-sized ambition throughout, piling on big, soaring choruses and a healthy dollop of radio gloss. Consider this one a club show in venue only.

Arkells opens the concert.

Photo courtesy of Tokyo Police Club

A&R Music Bar

7 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 2

391 Neil Ave., Arena District