Concert preview: Cannabis Corpse lives up to its name on stoner-friendly From Wisdom to Baked

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The Virginia-based death metal band’s name is no joke; the musicians have a fondness for weed that makes “Half Baked” play like a drug-free PSA in comparison. Just check the track listing of the group’s latest, From Wisdom to Baked, which includes red-eyed tunes like “Baptized in Bud,” and “Weedless Ones,” a horror story of sorts about “putrid, rat-like goblins” who will rob you of your stash. Consider these creatures the pot equivalent of “South Park’s” Underpants Gnomes.

Artillery Breath, Inanimate Existence and Mammoth Grinder also perform.

Photo by Luz de Luna

Ace of Cups

8:45 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 18

2619 N. High St., Campus