Staff Pick: Pharmakon's Bestial Burden far from easy listening

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Columbus Alive

Rather, the NYC-based noise artist constructs a nightmarish hellscape of ominous, droning synthesizers, jarring drums and electronic samples that suggest industrial machinery and drill bits plunged into corroded concrete. It’s an experimental approach that carries over into the musician’s vocals, which range from desperate pants, gags and coughs (the aptly titled “Primitive Struggle”) to the burning-alive shrieks of “Intent or Instinct,” a raw, primal howl of a tune that feels akin to standing nearby an in-use torture chamber.

Chardiet conceived the album during a 2013 brush with death (doctors discovered a massive cyst that nearly brought on organ failure), and tracks like “Body Betrays Itself” allow listeners at least a glimpse of the horror and desperation the musician felt at the time. Brace yourself.

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