Concert preview: Singer-songwriter Kevin Morby keeps things moving on Still Life

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Columbus Alive

“They say all that I’ve done wrong/ One days is gonna find me,” exhales singer/songwriter Kevin Morby on “Drowning,” a slow moving, hypnotic cut off his 2014 sophomore album Still Life.

If Morby’s past ever hopes to catch up to him, it has some serious work to do. The Texas-born, Kansas City-raised troubadour is a traveler at heart, rarely alighting in one spot long, like a honey bee forever on the hunt for pollen. In recent years the musician’s journeys have taken him from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, where he currently makes his home, and he logged months at a time on the road as a touring member of both Woods and the currently on-hiatus Babies.

These near-constant movements bleed into the restless, ironically titled Still Life, surfacing in everything from “Motors Running,” a jaunty, jangly tune where the singer attempts to carve out some calm amidst the city chaos, to “Our Moon,” a plaintive ballad where Morby pines for a far-away lover. “If you don’t see me in the evening,” he sings in a line reminiscent of “An American Tail’s” “Somewhere Out There.” “Look at our moon up in its night.”

Chicago singer/guitar virtuoso Ryley Walker, who’s readying for the late March release of his excellent new album Primrose Green, opens the show.

Photo by Adarsha Benjamin

Double Happiness

8 p.m. Sunday, March 8

482 S. Front St., Brewery District