Concert preview: Alex G could be next bedroom pop king

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Bedroom pop in the purest sense, 21-year-old Alex Giannascoli’s songs are wild, lo-fi and catchy, but with a first-take noisiness that undercuts the material.

Giannascoli recorded and released dozens of songs on his Bandcamp page before his first physical album, DSU, dropped last summer via Orchid Tapes.

Its 13 loose, brief songs made out of guitar jangle, filtered and layered vocals and hollow drums show a remarkably singular aesthetic from a honed talent with an interest in moving forward.

Lyrically, too, Giannascoli’s work sits squarely on the bedroom-pop spectrum, the kind of hip, soul-searching, detail-oriented observations people of a certain age and disposition have been writing and singing for a long time.

It’s as mood-evoking as it is thought-provoking, and that mixture of youthful world-weariness, sadness, (potentially unrequited) love and meta-music-culture is the stuff bedroom-pop legends are made of.

Alex G obviously knows this, and seems poised to inherit the throne. Two new LPs, Trick and Rules, are both coming out in April, on vinyl and CD, after having been remastered from the original mp3s.

Double Happiness

8 p.m. Wednesday, March 25

482 S. Front St., Brewery District