Concert preview: Bonesetters' neighbor rock contains shades of alt-folk, country and indie rock

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Self-described “neighbor rock” pioneers, Bonesetters’ sound is full and pleasing, with shades of alt-folk, country and mid-’00s indie rock (Band of Horses come to mind).

It’s certainly friendly music. Formed in Muncie, Indiana, and now based in Indianapolis, Bonesetters’ latest full-length, Figure It Out, is a brief seven-song spin, fully loaded with pretty, swaying, dusky material.

“Saint Led Astray,” for one, opens with muffled drum sounds under a gorgeous spaced-out riff before songwriter and vocalist Dan Snodgrass begins: “Is it true that we were children in the daylight/ and when night came we’d turn to animals in our heads?/ Do you think the creatures get more frisky/ when winter dies and spring rolls out of bed?”

Ace of Cups

8:30 p.m. Thursday, March 19

2619 N. High St., Old North