Staff Pick: All Dogs' Maryn Jones takes a quieter approach in her solo guise Yowler

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Singer/songwriter Maryn Jones, who stirs up a delirious guitar scrawl fronting the indie-leaning All Dogs (in addition to a gig in Saintseneca), takes a much quieter tact under her solo guise Yowler.

In a December interview, Jones described the music on her solo debut, The Offer, which surfaced digitally and on cassette via Double Double Whammy in early March, as “quiet … and very sad,” apt descriptors for songs like “7 Towers” and “In the Bathroom,” a hushed cut built on barely strummed acoustic guitar (the squeak of the strings heightens the sense of intimacy) and Jones’ sing-speak vocals, which tremble as though she’s still recovering from some past tragedy. It’s beautiful, raw, haunting stuff, and it should sound right at home in Shout Out Loud’s similarly unadorned warehouse environs.

Cusper (aka Saintsenenca song man Zac Little) and Didi open the show.

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7 p.m. Thursday, March 26

1066 Ridge St., Grandview