Concert preview: Twin Shadow brings arena sounds of Eclipse to A&R Music Bar

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Twin Shadow, born George Lewis Jr., kicks off his third album Eclipse with “Flatliners.” The title is a bit of a red herring, though, considering the musician spends the entirety of the recording pumping out arena-baiting anthems that sound geared to the festival circuit.

On Confess, from 2012, Shadow held true to his name, turning out tightly coiled pop-gems that revealed their charms more gradually. There’s no such restraint on songs like “When the Lights Turn Out,” which stampedes in amid a rush of booming drums and orchestral strings. It should sound huge in A&R’s comparatively cozy confines.

Lolawolf opens the show.

Photo by Milan Zrnic

A&R Music Bar

8 p.m. Thursday, April 9

391 Neil Ave., Arena District