Staff Pick: Rittz lets the words fly fast and furious on Next to Nothing

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Bushy haired Georgia rapper Rittz, born Jonathan McCollum, comes out firing on his sophomore album, Next to Nothing, spitting, “If you sleeping on me then it’s your loss,” syllables escaping his lips in clipped, rapid-fire bursts, like bullets from a semi.

Nearly as quickly, the gloriously unfiltered MC, who came up as Yelawolf’s right-hand man, has established himself as a solo force, balancing detailed confessionals with fictionalized tunes that play like cut scenes from a Hollywood flick (dig the home invasion horrors of “Call 911”). On “Profit,” the fast-rhyming Rittz even duels with Yelawolf, playing his onetime mentor to a draw. So even if the student hasn’t quite become the master, the exchange proves he’s not nearly as far off as once thought.

Photo courtesy of Rittz

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