Concert preview: German duo Milky Chance crafts down-key folktronica on Sadnecessary

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Columbus Alive

Though Milky Chance bandmates Clemens Rehbein (vocals/guitar) and Phillip Dausch (DJ/producer) were born and raised in Germany, they don’t adhere to the rigid stereotype so commonly ascribed to their countrymen. Rather, the pair radiates an eternally chill vibe on par with Jeff Bridge’s “Big Lebowski” Dude — a take-it-as-it-comes ethos that presents itself in everything from the duo’s appearance (dig Rehbein’s finger-in-the-electric-socket hairdo) to its low-key music.

The songs on Milky Chance’s full-length debut, Sadnecessary, are largely downcast, combining an acoustic, singer-songwriter-infused backbone with muted electronic beats that don’t signal the start of the party so much as the after-hours comedown. Indeed, even the most high-energy tracks, like the trickling “Down By the River,” barely work up a sweat, holding in the aerobic zone rather than maxing out the heart rate.

Lyrically, Rehbein, who has an inviting rasp to his singing voice, generally sticks to playing the sad sack. “The only thing I feel is pain,” he sings on “Stolen Dance,” the band’s breakthrough hit, “caused by absence of you.” Even so, the music never projects this hurt, skipping along on chipper strummed guitar and gently undulating electronics.

Mighty Oaks opens the show.

Photo by James Kendall

Newport Music Hall

7 p.m. Wednesday, April 29

1722 N. High St., Campus