Concert preview: Six Organs of Admittance could soundtrack latest Mad Max trailer

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Columbus Alive

Six Organs of Admittance guitarist Ben Chasny has remained uber-prolific since launching the project in the late ’90s, releasing more than two dozen recordings that veer from treks through hazy, psychedelic folk to comparatively studied classical guitar compositions. The band’s latest, Hexadic, arrives following a two-year lull — a gap that reveals itself in the music’s radical sonic departure.

The output here is conceptually challenging, largely disruptive, and, at times, deeply unsettling, swinging between minimalist takes like “The Ram” and dense, hard-charging shredders like “Maximum Hexadic,” which more than lives up to its moniker. In a similar vein there’s “Sphere Path of C,” a jarring monster that would double as a fitting alternate soundtrack to the latest trailer for “Mad Max: Fury Road.” True, there are times one wishes Chasny would pull back, or chart a slightly more predicable course, but ultimately Hexadic was borne of desire to defy convention in the hopes of stumbling onto something new. Expect a similar sense of adventure to take hold live.

Elisa Ambrogio, Mosses and 75 Dollar Bill open the show.

Photo courtesy of the artist

The Basement

7 p.m. Thursday, May 7

391 Neil Ave., Arena District