The List: Rock on the Range Do's and Don'ts

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

This weekend mainstream rock fans from around the country will descend on Columbus for Rock on the Range at Mapfre Stadium. Here are some pro-tips from our staff veterans.

DON'T be a hater. We get that there are a lot more "cool" festivals, but this one brings tens of thousands of people to town. And they're just looking to have fun.

DO dress for comfort. Yeah, we know Marilyn Manson is going to bring out the goth prom best, but keep in mind you're gonna be standing in those platform combat boots all day. And maybe bring a fanny pack so you don't have to wear your homemade Slipknot mask the whole time.

DO bring cash. Avoid the huge lines - and huge fees - at the ATMs.

DO pace yourself. We've entered the stadium grounds early on a Friday and already seen people puking. It's a long day - and a long weekend. You don't want to tap out before Linkin Park, dude.

DON'T piss yourself. There are vendors walking around with beers, but don't wait until it's an emergency to unfill. There's gonna be a line at the restroom.

DO shop local. Grab some gear or souvenirs from one of Columbus' local vendors like What The Rock?! between shows.

DON'T be aggro. It's a big, crowded space. If someone accidentally bumps into you, don't be a dickhead. And if you can't handle yourself near a pit, maybe you're the one who should move.

DON'T shoulder-mount for more than one song. We get it, ladies of Rock on the Range. It's a tradition to get up on your boyfriend's shoulders. It's also super annoying for everyone behind you who thought they could see the stage. If you have to do it at all, don't do it for more than a song.

DON'T miss Babymetal. Andy Downing has some great picks here, but for sake of spectacle alone, don't miss this hybrid metal/J-pop band for what will probably be one of the most WTF moments of the weekend.

DO get close to the stage without waiting forever. The trick is to advance toward the stage from the side and then cut over toward the center. You're welcome.

DON'T grope crowdsurfers. This really should go without saying, but apparently listening to music like Staind makes some guys turn into super creeps. Also, if you see someone do this, call them the eff out.

DON'T vape. You smell like a car air freshener and look like Gandalf.

DO put your phone away and experience the show. Except for the Scott Weiland show… whether he nails it or bombs, you're going to want video evidence.

DO people-watch. In fact, make a game of it. +3 points for every Slayer shirt you spot. Bonus points if they're carrying a Slipknot mask too.

DO be a friend. If somebody falls, help them up. A little good karma goes a long way.

DON'T beat yourself up for loving ROTR. Yes, you're going to hear how lame you are for going to ROTR from your snotty friends - but anyone who hates on Judas Priest was never really a friend in the first place.

DO check out the Missed Connections section of Craigslist after ROTR. Avoid the come-down blues on Monday morning by perusing the treasure trove that is "Missed Connections" to see how many romances blossomed over three days of metal.