About Last Weekend: The best tweets from Rock on the Range

Katie Flowers

This past weekend, Rock on the Range celebrated its ninth anniversary in Columbus. The three-day event is one of the biggest rock music festivals in the country, and, as such, one of the biggest spectacles in the city. A sold-out Mapfre Stadium played host to about 40,000 fans who traveled from who knows where to see their favorite bands, including Judas Priest, Slipknot, Ministry, Linkin Park and Marilyn Manson. And, of course, social media was there to capture all the fun, and crazy, moments. Here are some of our favorite tweets from the weekend.

Buttt rock on the range was amazing and so many good memories, some bad too

- Senior 2k15 (@connorkhill) May 18, 2015

I'm quite hammered, alcohol has proved itself as a formidable opponent. Rock on the Range almost always wins. Let's get weird!?!?

- Brandin (@SpelledWithAn_i) May 18, 2015

Only at rock on the range will you see a guy crowd surfing with a blowup doll ??

- Clayton Farley (@Clayton_Farley) May 17, 2015

Columbus, Ohio Rock on the Range 2015 takes body surfing to the absolute extreme! pic.twitter.com/d5jiPnma3y

- FireHouses of Ohio (@FireHousesofOh) May 17, 2015

Jenny Linville just crowd surfed at rock on the range and put it on her snapchat story #lifegoals

- Leandra Westbrook (@WiiildWest) May 17, 2015

My 9 year old sister is feeding me red Sour Patch Kids while I drink a Bud Light at Rock on the Range. #lifegoals #complete

- Courtney Cierra (@Just_CourtneyC) May 17, 2015

Oh. My. Lord. Someone send a Dr to Rock on the Range and forcefully take Scott Weiland away. He's deteriorating and no one's stopping it.

- Chris Hawkey (@Chawk1003) May 17, 2015

Just walked from one side of Rock on the Range to the other and I've never needed a shower more in my life #Ew

- Corbin Hill (@cdothill12) May 16, 2015

"Rock on the Range" is analogous to "It's going to rain this weekend because it always rains on this weekend"

- Mike (@I_Am_PsychMike) May 16, 2015

Working the mosh pits at rock on the range made me reconsider life.

- Vinny Jones (@V1ncedapr1nce) May 18, 2015