Concert preview: Cashmere Cat slowly comes out of hiding

Andy Downing, Columbus Alive

When the musician first emerged in late 2011, his releases were generally accompanied by blurry images of female friends, and an initial press release described him as a "Norwegian forest cat" - less a human being than some mystical woodland creature. His music could be equally mysterious at times. Cashmere's R&B-stoked debut EP, Mirror Maru, incorporated unexpected sounds (the squeaking bedsprings of the title track, for one) alongside soft-edged digital blips, watercolor smears of synthesizer and percolating electronic drums that conjured images of a fairytale rave.

In recent times, however, a cavalcade of A-list collaborators (Høiberg produced the Kanye West track "Wolves," and pop starlet Ariana Grande appears on his most recent single, the bubbling bedroom anthem "Adore") have drawn the musician further into the spotlight. Heck, Høiberg even appears in his own press photos nowadays - even if his face is generally obscured by some combination of his hands and/or his should-length locks. Baby steps, people.

Ghost Gardens and Steinle open the show.

Park Street Saloon

9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 8

525 N. Park St., Arena District