Columbus rapper Path celebrates his homecoming with Unfamiliar Home

Andy Downing, Columbus Alive

Unfamiliar Home, the new full-length from Path, unfolds like a classic Hollywood romance, complete with a breakup and a grand reconciliation. But while a woman did eventually factor into the songwriting, the local rapper initially conceived the record as a means of dealing with the conflicting emotions that set in after he opted to depart Columbus - the only town he'd ever known - to pursue his musical dreams in sunny Los Angeles early last summer.

"This is the most personal record I've ever written," said Path, born Jared Young 25 years ago, who will celebrate the album's release with a concert at Double Happiness on Friday, Oct. 16. "I wrote this record to really tackle some of the issues and experiences I was dealing with [after moving to L.A.] and maybe share it with my family in a way I couldn't communicate to them through FaceTime or Skype."

Both music and words, in turn, tend to adopt a more reflective tone, with Path dropping lines tinged with homesickness atop an assortment of golden-hued beats colored with lush strings and fragile piano. "Missing all my fam and the city where I'm from," he sighs on the album's title cut, "feeling nostalgic about my past driving on the 101."

"After I graduated [from Ohio State] I said I was going to move to California and live in the clouds a little bit," said Path, who interned for an L.A.-based music publishing company in addition to holding down various bartending gigs. "And once I was there living in the clouds, it was like this isn't as important to me as it was when I was 22 or 23."

Additionally, the musician met an Ohio girl, further increasing his desire to return to Columbus. So after logging exactly a year and a day in California, Path returned home in June, determined to continue his music career with the added support of those who had been by his side from the onset.

"I was doing fine, and I was on my way to a career I wanted, but I saw how long it was going to take … and I started to ask myself, 'Even if all my dreams start coming true, could I live without seeing all the people who have supported me since day one?'" Path said. "It's not worth it to me, honestly. I had to leave to break out of my shell a little bit … but coming back made me realize I could still build that foundation here [in Ohio]. It's not me giving up; it's just me reassembling my team and redrawing my game plan to be successful."

Double Happiness

9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 16

482 S. Front St., Brewery District

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