Concert preview: Modest Mouse at the LC

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

It's surprising that Modest Mouse's newest record, Strangers to Ourselves, is only their sixth album (OK sure, maybe that is a solid showing for some bands) considering they've been around for more than two decades now and are fronted by the likes of a prolific artist like Isaac Brock. (They also never seem to go off the radar.)

All this is to say that Modest Mouse has always been one to carefully curate their releases, seemingly scrutinizing songs for years before deeming them worthy for album treatment. This year's Strangers to Ourselves illustrates this process, really locking in on Modest Mouse's 21st century style with singles "Lampshades on Fire" and "The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box" – each backed with Brock's trademark "bah-bah-bahs" and bountiful guitar twang and reverberation.

No one's disputing that Modest Mouse has become less adventurous since "Float On," but they nonetheless have proven themselves as one of indie rock's most storied acts worth seeing in any era

LC Pavilion

7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 16

405 Neil Ave., Arena District