Editor's Picks: 17 things to do this weekend

Kristen Schmidt, Columbus Alive

Franklinton Friday (and Festivus) at 400 West Rich and other locations

In addition to great art by local artists, FF features free food, a food truck and live music. Most exhibitions remain on view through month's end. This month, the festivities continue past Friday - specifically through the Festivus celebration Saturday at 400 West Rich. The airing of grievances and feats of strength will be accompanied by the ongoingC-Note(everything under $100) show and a Holiday Market including vendors Hannah Hoffman Jewelry, Williams Honey Bees, Buttergirl Bakery and Red Hen Crates.

Mosses at The Summit

In spite of its name, Mosses doesn't linger anywhere long enough to sprout vegetation. The improvisational psych-rock collective, which currently consists of Ryan Jewell, EveLenker and Troy Kunkler, all of whom chip in on various instruments, has been in constant motion since Jewell first conceived the band as a solo project in 2012. In the years since, the group's sound, along with its lineup, has steadily evolved, flirting with everything from experimental tape loops informed by the works of minimalist composer Terry Riley to hazy psychedelic folk burners that linger like so much incense smoke.

Goatsnake at Ace of Cups

The stampeding blues-metal quartet plays its first-ever Ohio show at Ace of Cups this weekend. The band is back together after a long hiatus that started in 2001. "We never officially broke up, but there just wasn't time for us to get together and play," said Greg Anderson, who first regrouped with original members Pete Stahl (vocals) and Greg Rogers (drums) in Oct. 2014 (the band's current lineup is rounded out by bassist Scott Renner). "With this band, it's never been about money or touring the world or some of those more traditional goals. It's always been, 'OK, we like playing together, and if we have time to do it, let's do it.'"