Concert preview: Parquet Courts

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Though stylistically just as sound as their previous four albums, there's something very new about Parquet Courts' fifth full-length,Human Performance: emotion. The Brooklynites will say every album is personal, but this one actually witnesses moments of relatable introspection. In general,Human Performance'snewfound vulnerability provides a perfect example of a band making the right innovations without wandering too far from its core sound.

The best testament to the quality of this might be in the album's title track. On "Human Performance," singer-guitarist Andrew Savage resigns himself to what (or perhaps who) he's lost. "Busy apartment, no room for grieving/ Sink full of dishes/ And no trouble believing that you are leaving," Savage sings over a reshuffled sound that shows an inclination toward traditional song structures (the chorus is uniquely melodic for this band). Fans of the punkier edges of Courts' post-punk needn't worry: the songs still feature anxiety-driven rhythms, pointed guitars and some barked vocals throughout.

For a band that's always been prone to raging outward, Parquet Courts tend to look inward more often onHuman Performance. It's not so much refreshing as it's a good look for a band trying to discover what it is, and in turn maximize its impact.

Soda opens the show.

Ace of Cups

8 p.m. Monday, April 18

2619 N. High St., Old North