Concert preview: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Unknown Mortal Orchestra's brand of psychedelic rock has never inhabited the same space as that of the genre's other prominent acts, including but not limited to Tame Impala and Pink Floyd. On UMO's 2011 self-titled album andII, from 2013, it perfected a sound that was unassuming-yet-full-bodied while showcasing elevated musical talent (particularly on the guitar) with otherworldly allure. More importantly, the band did this without forcing extraneous, space-age sounds; the listener is transported without any major embellishments on the normal rock arrangement.

Just when you think UMO has come into its own, the band dropped last year'sMulti-Love. To say the third LP merely expands upon what it's already been doing is an understatement - it's arguably a complete overhaul. Elements of soul ("Like Acid Rain"), funk ("Ur Life One Night," "Can't Keep Checking My Phone") and even Steely Dan ("Necessary Evil") shine through in experienced fashion. The tight melodies and instrumentation largely remain within the new stylistic flourishes, but this time vocalist Ruban Neilson is belting it out louder than your average indie rock singer. The closest thing to 2011-era UMO is the title track, which is a jam in its own right.

Whitney opens things up before UMO's sure-to-be dynamic set.

Skully's Music-Diner

7 p.m. Tuesday, May 17

1151 N. High St.,

Short North