Staff Pick: Chain & the Gang holds to its word on Minimum Rock N Roll

Andy Downing, Columbus Alive

Chain & the Gang's fourth full-length,Minimum Rock N Roll, from 2014, holds true to the promise of its title, building songs around simple, serrated riffs, elemental drums and the he said/she said vocals of co-singers Ian Svenonious (perhaps best known as a founding member of Nation of Ulysses) and Katie Greer.

Lyrically, however, the Washington D.C.-based rock trio shows little restraint. Songs veer between spiky, overtly political turns like "Devitalize," with its rants about lying politicians, and more playful, hormonally charged cuts like "Got to Have It Every Day," where the charming Svenenious flaunts an over-the-top sexuality that makes even "Family Guy" horn-ball Quagmire appear chaste in comparison.

"I can get it from a tree/ I can get it from a stone," the frontman purrs atop a slinky, strutting groove. "It doesn't matter at all to me." Clearly.

Plastic Heap, Jacoti Sommes and Fizzed open the show.

Café Bourbon Street

9 p.m. Friday, May 13

2216 Summit St.,

North Campus