Staff pick: HYTWR still searching on Too Close to Home

Andy Downing, Columbus Alive
Winston Hightower (aka HYTWR), left, with Minority Threat

Winston Hightower (aka HYTWR) labels himself as "just a person" on his BandCamp site, and his lo-fi tunes hold to this type of simplicity.

"Almighty Thrill," off the musician's latest cassetteToo Close to Home (Superdreamer), builds around little more than minimalist drums, casual electric strumming and Hightower's distorted vocals, which sound as rippled as the track does placid. Similarly chill vibes surface on "Flow," a dreamy slice of bedroom pop marked by ooh-ooh backing vocals and a lyrical theme as deep as its water-recalling title suggests. "Love, can it really grow?" Hightower sings. "Or is it time that makes it come and makes it go?"

Hightower has proven he's capable of making one helluva racket in hardcore bands like Minority Threat, whoseCulture Control still hits with the force of a car manufacturer crash test. But don't confuse this quieter approach with settling; the musician's words remain as restless and probing as ever.

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