Staff Pick: Sega Genocide makes the long wait worth it

Joel Oliphint

For the past few years, it seemed just as likely to see a PBR tall boy can in someone's hand at a local show as it was to see Sega Genocide onstage. And yet, a full-length record from the garage-pop band remained elusive. Until now. This weekend Sega Genocide will releaseTRYS on Cleveland's Just Because Records.

I worried with a band like Sega Genocide that the record wouldn't be able to contain the sweaty, fuzz-drenched gloriousness of its live shows, but fortunately my worries were unfounded.TRYS has everything we've come to know and love about this band: loud guitars, hooks aplenty and Brian C.R.'s self-deprecating lyrics. "I live like a selfish, stupid, ugly little kid," he sings on "Dark Days." I don't know about all those descriptors, but making us wait this long for a record this good? Yeah, it was a little selfish.

Headlining the release show is Peach Kelli Pop, a five-piece, all-female act from Los Angeles that began as the Ottawa-based solo project of Allie Hanlon and morphed into punky power-pop that should pair perfectly with Sega Genocide.

Vacation rounds out the late-show, post-Chelsea Wolfe bill.

Ace of Cups

9:30 p.m. Saturday, May 21

2619 N. High St., Old North