Concert preview: Haim

Joel Oliphint

When the Haim sisters - Este, Danielle and Alana - debuted withDays are Gone in the fall of 2013, the hype machine had been churning for more than a year, with constant declarations of "the new Fleetwood Mac." And yet, somehow the sleek, polished album exceeded expectations, taking those soft-rock Mac sounds and adding elements of R&B to in-demand producer Ariel Rechtshaid's pop arrangements. The record was instantly accessible and utterly eclectic. Nestled among songs that sound like long-lost Shania Twain ("The Wire") and Amy Grant ("Falling") singles is "My Song 5," a low-down, dirty drum-and-bass tune that the Los Angeles sisters later reworked with A$AP Ferg.

Haim's long-promised-but-still-not-here follow-up, again produced by Rechtshaid, is perhaps even more anticipated than the debut. Back in 2014, the sisters told "Rolling Stone" they'd be pushing boundaries and tapping into their "inner Kanye" for the next record. Then in March, Haim released a teaser video that came off more like a lament: "We've just been in the studio for so long, perfecting and trying to get it right. At this point, we just wanna go out there and play the songs live."

So that's what the band is doing. If you're anxious for new Haim songs, you'll likely hear "Nothing's Wrong" and "Give Me Just a Little of Your Love," neither of which recall Kanye in live YouTube clips. They do recall that same Haim sound fromDays are Gone, however, and that's reason enough to get excited.

Express Live

6:30 p.m. Friday, May 27

405 Neil Ave., Arena District